Fee Schedule

  • School dues are payable either in one or four equal installments in advance.
    I installment Ist week of April
    II installment Ist week of July
    III installment Ist week of October
    IV installment Ist week of January.
  • Parents have the option to deposit the school dues for the whole year in advance if they find it more convenient.
  • Rs 100/- will be imposed for every fifteen days delay. Parents who become consistent defaulters will be asked to withdraw their child/ children as such a practice saps the efficiency of the institution.
  • In case as installment of fee is not paid by 30th of the month in which it is due, defaulters will be required to pay a readmission fee together with installments which are due.
  • Students and guardians will kindly save the receipts issued to them and produce them in proof of payment of fee if needed.
  • In case of doubt regarding the payment of dues, parents are advised to make the payments first and ask for refund later. This will be in observance of rule I above.
  • Fee will be charged from the beginning of the year though a child is admitted in the middle of a term.
  • Certificates of progress will be withheld for pupils who have arrears of fees.
  • If fees or other dues are outstanding for more than one term the child is liable to be refused admission next term.
  • Like any other organized activity the school cannot run without a planned cash flow and we earnestly expect parents to cooperate.
  • Ignorance of the fee rules should not be taken as an excuse.